WoW Burning Crusade Classic Mining Guide

What is Burning Crusade Classic Mining?

Welcome to this guide to Classic Burning Crusade Mining! Outlands has three new mining nodes that have more tasks than ever before. With the introduction of the brand new Burning Crusade profession Jewelcrafting, Mining is more profitable than ever before!

Mining is the most common gathering profession for Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting, making it the only gathering skill that is closely linked to multiple manufacturing careers.

What is Burning Crusade Classic Mining?

To find precious metals, valuable gemstones and natural gems, miners head to the ore nodes. With Jewelcrafting, there are many more gems that can be discovered. Mote of Earth or Mote of Fire can be extracted and used to make Primals along with other items like Elemental Blasting powders for Engineers.

Miners can also utilize the tracking ability Find Minerals to locate metal nodes on their minimap.

Most Suitable Professions for Pairing with Mining

Three careers are connected to mining: Engineering, Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing. Thus, there is a huge demand for it.

It's also used as a double-gatherer strategy to those characters preferring to make money by farming, which is when paired with Herbalism or Skinning. Skinning is a bit more straightforward to combine because you don't need to switch between tracking like when you mix Mining with Herbalism. It's not possible to monitor mining nodes when you're also monitoring other items. However, there are mods that can help you solve this problem. TrackingSwitcher allows you to switch between Find Herbs or Find Minerals every few seconds, even when you're not engaged in combat.

The Top Training and Competitions to learn about Mining

Mining has no advantage over any race or class. Druids will not change their flight forms in contrast to Herbalism.

There are differences in mining between the classic and retail versions of the burning crusade.

There are several important differences in the way Mining is carried out in Retail and TBC. TBC and Classic Mining have a lot in the way of common.

In Retail, multiple Miners can harvest a single node before it goes away within a minute after the first time it's harvested. This was a change introduced in Mists of Pandaria. In TBC the node is gone when the first person is able to hit it.

TBC limit what you are able to mine. It is possible to succeed in the mining of Nodes within your skill range. In Retail, skill levels don't decide whether you will succeed, only how much your yield from ore will be.

In TBC, Mining gives no experience. In Retail Mining, you get an insignificant amount of experience. It's an update introduced in Cataclysm.

Retail allows you to track multiple objects such as plants and minerals. In TBC, you are limited to just one type of tracking at a time.

New Outlands Mines in Burning Crusade Classic

There are four new mining nodes that are part of Burning Crusade Classic:

Fel Iron Deposit (300 minimum mining level )- yields 1-9 Fel Iron Ore. All Outlands zones, but most abundant in Hellfire Peninsula.

Adamantite Deposit (325 minimum mining level) - yields 1-9 Adamantite Ore. In all Outlands zones, with the exception of Hellfire Peninsula; most plentiful in Nagrand and Blade's Edge Mountains.

Rich Adamantite Deposit (350 minimum mining level) - yields 1-12 Adamantite Ore. All Outlands zones Rare fertile spawn from the Rich Adamantite Deposit.

Khorium Vein (375 minutes. level) - yields 1-8 Khorium Ore. These are the rarest spawns from any Outlands mineral nodes, most typically Adamantite/Rich Adamantite. Super rare found in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh; the most frequent in zones with high turnover and high Adamantite density , such as Nagrand.

In addition to the primary ore of metal, mines may produce Mote of Fire and/or Mote of Earth, Eternium Ore, and blue or green quality raw gems for crafting jewels. Below is a table that illustrates the odds of getting your target products, if you're focused on one of these mining items. Curiously, Adamantite nodes don't yield Motes of Fire.

The graph clearly shows that Jewelcrafters should not rely only on Mining for raw gems. Even with the best option for a Khorium vein, its yield is only about the 2% mark. Prospecting Khorium could be a more reliable method of acquiring the gemstones in the raw that you require. But, it's likely to yield a lower return on your investment.

The maps of mining routes in Burning Crusade Classic will be added in a separate guide to be added in the near future.

New Mining Bag in Burning Crusade Classic

Reinforced Mining Bag is an 28-slot Mining Bag, crafted by Leatherworkers with a craft of 325. The recipe is available from Revered reputation, Kurenai or at The Mag'har.

Endgame Nodes (Khorium, Eternium).


Khorium Ore is essential to endgame crafting in TBC. Khorium Bar is essential for the highest level of Blacksmithing and Engineering Patterns. High-level gems can be prospected straight out of the ore.

Khorium Vein is the main node which can be used to gate it. It can be located all over the Outlands. The Isle of Quel'Danas and Nagrad are the best zones to farm the most efficiently. While Khorium technically produces the most spawns in Zangarmarsh but is too large to be useful for farming, it's still the most efficient alternative.

Instead, in Nagrand, widen your Rich Adamantite route to include Twilight Ridge and make sure you pass through the Ring of Trials. The path is similar if you don't mind. The Isle of Quel'Danas is particularly useful to visit because of its small size. While there are fewer veins than other zones however, it only takes just a tiny fraction of the time required to complete the circuit.


Eternium Ore is a rare item that can be found in all nodes in the Outlands. However, the best chance of obtaining it is shared with higher-level deposits like Khorium Vein and Adamantite deposit. It is therefore impossible to cultivate Eternium. Instead, it's advisable to pick a different mineral you'd like to cultivate and invest an enormous amount of time in it. In this way, you'll definitely find some Eternium.